Here at Moni, we understand that each and every woman is unique in her own special way. On the inside, we all have different personalities, likes and dislikes, and on the outside we all have different curves and lines. No two minds or bodies are exactly the same and that is a truly beautiful thing! Imagine how incredibly boring the world would be if we were all the same.

We feel that it's time to start admiring and embracing our differences and we want to help women feel empowered by the fact that they aren't exactly the same as the woman on Instagram, in the magazine, in the movie or even the woman standing next to them. It's time to eradicate jealousy and celebrate self-positivity.Our mission is to help all women feel comfortable and confident in the skin they're in and particularly in their swimwear by providing shapes, styles, colours and prints that are flattering for a whole range of body types and bust sizes. Some of us have big boobs, some of us have small boobs, and increasingly more-so these days; some of us face health battles and boast one or no boobs, but that shouldn't mean you can't find a hot and comfortable bikini! With all this in mind, our designs are thoughtfully created from the ground up to not just be fashionable, but to betrendsetting. Being fashion-forward and a little bit different to other brands is something we thrive on and we want all our customers to feel like they aren't just following the crowd with what's currently in fashion, but that they're leading the pack!

We are so excited about our first collection 'Terra Australis' and can't wait for our future collections which are already in the pipeline to offer more sizes and styles for you all.

This is only the beginning! 

We hope you wear our designs with CONFIDENCE and that you see a BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE woman in the mirror when you put them on or in those photos you take at the beach, because that is exactly what you are and what these designs were made to make you feel! It's time to not just accept yourself, but to LOVE yourself!


All our love,

Team MONi 


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